About Us

P S Solutions is a state certified provider of Healthcare services. P S solutions are founded in 2007 with the idea of easing the stress on Healthcare services and with the goal of providing easy and best solutions forever. Our goal is to create a collaborative plan that will allow the Health sector to maintain security as long as possible while maintaining their level of independence and functioning.

The foundation of P S Solutions was and has always been our staff. "Our belief as a company is that we are as committed to our employees as we expect them to be to your loved one.” P S Solutions is the leader in the Healthcare industry for employee retention. No matter what level of quality health sector require, P S Solutions can help you achieve those goals.

All employees are trained professionals who work with everyone involved with your healthcare to maximize resources available. Most of all, our team of caregivers are dedicated and appreciated for their work in return. We take care of our staff so they can take care of you.

P S SOLUTIONS having head office in “United Arab Emirates” having installations in other countries like Kuwait, Qutar, Maldives, and Singapore, India.

We pull out all the strings for excellence in all aspects of our service. We believe that the key to our success begins and ends with the partnership between our technical and supporting staff to our clients and healthcare provider, and ultimately to our patients.